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Researches from NanoTrade and other R&D companies from the Czech Republic developed a special 3ply filtration material which is using in face masks or respirators.

While many researchers start their first tests of using nanofibers in breathing protection the production in the Czech Republic supply markets with finished and real products since 2020. A face masks, respirators FFP2 or FFP3 produced from nanofibers achieve a filtration level higher than 99,3%. Not only for PM 0,4 and higher but mostly for PM 0,08-0,15. This filtration effeciency is much higher than standard filtration materials on the market. 

ResultsEFF 3ply filter nanosilver 21 by NanoTrade v2

Our the newest filtration material 3PLY FILTER NANOSILVER 21 has a high performance for long period. In addition to perfect filtration it has a fixed a molecules of silver incorporated in a thin nanofiber. This construction brings a two basic benefits, perfect filtration and reducing of bacteria from breathing.  

Photo and Source: NanoTrade Ltd.