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Reducing fuel consumption and emissions leakage into the atmosphere.

Extending the life of DPF.

Lower energy consumption for the pool water heating.

Economic savings.

If you are interested in these topics, you are at the right place. Over ten years we develop and provide our customers with new products and technologies, leading to the fulfillment of these objectives. With new products we help our customers to understand nanotechnology in practice.


Envirox™ is a top diesel additive on a base of cerium oxide. Owes its existence to a new science field - nanotechnology. It acts as an oxidation and catalyst fuel additive which improve combustion of diesel fuels, reduce fuel consumption, keep the mechanical parts cleaned of soot, reducing the exhaust emissions and increases engine efficiency. These advantages are achieved by using patented technology research at Oxford University.

By simply adding the additive to the fuel tank, reduces its consumption because:

  • adjusts the profile of fuel combustion, so more useful power is attracting from each combustion cycle for the same amount of fuel
  • reduces the temperature of carbon sediment combustion, followed by engine purification, reduction of thermal stress and increase, durability of the engine and it’s parts
  • reduces harmful emissions and thereby clogging of DPF filters and the negative impact on the environment

Year round adding to fuel without accompanying mixing. It has none negative effects on fuel, lubricants and oils. Dosing in extremely small amounts (1: 4000) and was stress tested in several operational projects and independent motor tests which showed measurable fuel savings. Its use is particularly advantageous for drives that run continuously at optimum speed (locomotives, ships, diesel generators, electricity etc.).

Economic benefits (Czech Model)

At a cost of 1 CZK per additive you will save 5.60 CZK of operating costs, final saving comes to 1.84 CZK per 1L of diesel (the calculation model includes additive 1.600 CZK/L, diesel price of 28 CZK/L, average saving 8% and prices excluding VAT 21%). A secondary benefit of reducing emissions, improve efficiency or cleaning the engine, the extension of service operations, service life of motor units, parts, etc. is not included in this calculation.

EnviroxTM DPF Assist

Effective product of treatment for diesel engines from blocking of diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Envirox™ DPF Assist is a new product for diesel fuel, which preemptively protects and cleans clogged filters (DPF). It is based on the principle of catalyst dissolved in the fuel, which affects the combustion of soot particles, subsequently being captured in the DPF. This process can help solve problems with filter clogging and expensive service operations. In addition to this. it saves your money becouse of reduced fuel consumption. It is easy to use and its high efficiency and reliability are guaranteed through testing and long-term verification. Innovative technology tested on short distance rides with engines with DPF filters. It was proven that eliminates problems with DPF filters associated with premature blocking of particulate filters.

Save your money for car service operations and reduced consumption! 

NanoTrade Ltd., a Central European distributor of this technology, offers a concentrated blend for use, which brings considerable added value. On the market appeared offer by several workshops or small retailers, who offer a single dose of Envirox ™ DPF Assist. But this is only a single dose without any benefit for systematic use. Supply Envirox ™ DPF Assist in 500 ml pack utilized for efficient enrichment of 1.000 l of diesel, which will bring much greater benefits. You do not have to pay unnecessary costs for necessary service with clogged filters and you can also save through reduced fuel consumption. This increases the total benefits of a single product. 

Liquid Pool Blanket

It allows to use energy savings for each pool without any aesthetic limitations. Liquid pool blanket is biodegradable and transparent. It creates very thin (monomolecular) layer on the surface of the pool water.

For over fifty years scientists have known that monolayer (a layer having a thickness of one molecule) completely spread on the surface of the liquid can greatly reduce the water evaporation and energy loss. It is a unique mechanism which causes the distribution of monolayers due to repulsive forces, caused by dissociation of ionic compounds when dissolved in water. Negative as well as positive ions repel and the film is rapidly spread over the surface. Not like conventional pool covers, which must be removed for swimming. Once the surface calm down again, the monolayer covers it again. Consequently, the Liquid pool blanket perfectly adapts to varying levels of activities in the pool all day. Flexible covering of water surface works everytime the water is calmed.

Benefits of Liquid Pool Blanket consist mainly in reducing the energy consumption needed for heating the water, lower consumption of water lost through evaporation, reduce unpleasant chlorides odors vaporized in the areas of indoor pools. 

Antico mechanic

It is carefully tuned product for general use in the engineering industry. On the surface of the treated material is formed a thin layer of nanoparticles which bind by physical forces to the material and forms an impenetrable and water resistant layer protecting the surface from moisture. Antico Mechanic was developed with heed on conditions for the mobile and vehicles use, and effectively protect against wide range of temperatures and pressures.

Preservative solution penetrates due to extremely low surface tension in the joints, microcracks and pores in the material and displaces all the moisture. The protective layer is functional for up to one year. Mainly prevents corrosion and degradation of the surface material with low consumption. It also has excellent lubricating features.

Use of the additive in the process of mechanical material processing, either in cutting emulsions, or even dry machine processing is due to the achieved interesting results currently intensively testing.  

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