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Did you know that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is relate to both humans and animals, and has a dangerous impact on their health?

Bad compliance of basic hygiene rules in a human environment - not only in hospitals but also in home areas- causing further spread of microbial pathogens and the emergence of resistant organisms, which is also accelerated by current treatments, such as the inappropriate use of antimicrobial agents including excessive and irresponsible dosage of antibiotics, their poor quality, frequent failure to complete the entire prescribed course of treatment etc. of the excessive and indiscriminate use of antibiotics even more complicated by the fact that these are also used in animal husbandry and that the resistance is transmittable to humans.

The consequences are very disturbing. Research and development of antimicrobials worth tens of millions euros and before these drugs reach the market, it takes almost ten years. while the timing of their effectiveness decreasing steadily. With the spreading resistance, shortening the time of effectiveness of antimicrobials and ever smaller number of available active substances gap between infection and control constantly. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) risk that AMR will return mankind to a time before the discovery of antibiotics. 

 first-hypoallergenic-hotel-in-Czech-republic    clean-store-in-Prag

Fig.1: First hotel with clean technology in Europe             Fig.2: First European clean store, located in Prag

One of the possible solutions we offer is preventive protection in the form of complete space (area) protection by special nano-material. Among the tested products include NanoDeo1, NanoDeo2, NanoDeo3 and nanosilver® that can create a reliable barrier against pollution in the interior/exterior, reduce the concentration of dangerous microorganisms, suppresses the risk of disease transmission and removes any unwanted odors.

Their combination with other textile products and materials for surface protection sets a new standard: Hypoallergenic rooms.Together with other partner, we were firstin Europe to realise a project Hypoallergenic White Rose hotel in city Pisek, the Czech Republic. 

Today, we have many other references from schools and kindergarten, workspaces, bedrooms and rooms for people suffering with allergic diseases. 


        Fig.3: Store nanosilver in Frydek-Mistek, protected by Clean Technology


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