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Who we are and what we do

Even though we are operating in the market just few years now (it is already the thirteenth year), we realized a number of successful research and implementation projects.

Product and technological divisions refer to our main research activities, mainly oriented to commercial applications. Among our other complementary activities belongs seminars organizating and conferences, where we present not only our successes, but also our research, production and business partners

Sample one of our products

Sales channels

Any feedback information from customers is our impulse to improve, and sometimes also an interesting inspiration for the development and introduction of new products and services. For retail we sell our products through our shops and, We supply products and also modify them for many of our large customers, small businesses and online retailers, mainly under our brands, and occasionally with the brand of customers. We build our own sales channels and learn to enter the market through modern trade and communication instruments. This also promotes through its main domain, a number of other microsites or because of registered trade mark such as nanosilver® and TraumaPet®

We are seeking for more business partnership and willing to share our experience with other specialized companies. We are proud Czech manufacturer who gives job opportunities to Czechs, cooperate with other Czech companies and definitely not going to move production to low-cost foreign countries just because of higher profits.

We want to give our customers the best of what we know and can manage and we will also continue in improving. If you are interested in cooperation, promote nanotechnology in practice.If you can add or expand our skills with yours, we would glad to hear from you.