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The use of nanotechnology in health and veterinary

Silver is an interesting alternative to chemical antibiotics that are unfortunately too frequently applicated in medicine, agriculture and many other areas of our life. Increasingly discussed issue is the resistance of pathogens to a variety of antibiotics and decrease the effectiveness of treatment of various diseases and health problems caused just by this problem.

We convinced that while creating the product line TraumaPet when it‘s application enabledthe healing of severe septic wounds, while antibiotics did not work at all. The classical flesh wounds and also in serious ear diseases. Indeed, most pathogens can not develop resistance to silver.

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Silver is dangerous?

Some opponents of silver argue, that silver is a heavy metal that is deposited in the body and thereby threatening the organism. We are patiently trying to explain that our products include either a minimum concentration of silver, in a very efficient modification, further, that it is an acute, short-term application. It is not a long-term, permanent use. A major argument is the fact that silver is a part of the earth's crust and we meet with him throughout the history of human civilization and is also a trace element that our body takes through the water and food. There is no mention about  the negative effect on the human body by consuming of collodial silver. In the USA a colloidal silver was consumed for decades, and there is no mention about the negative effects on the human body.

Our research

Focusing on silver, which has been for centuries historically known as natural antibiotic, we continue with our activities in the health sector. The evidence is successfully completed project FR-TI2/205 Research and development of medical devices based on nanotechnology, which we cooperated together with the Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Palacky´s University in Olomouc. During the project a number of interesting applications were created, some of them have found their application in practice, others are waiting fot the place on market.

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Yet we continue to research the use of additional, alternative simple and complex chemical elements and compounds, which are in the form of submicron interesting antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties together with biocompatibility with human or animal organism.


We have developed beauty products, with silver and gold nanoparticles, exclusively for our end customers who offer them in their business systems. All the products are tested and properly registered. We can utilize our experience with development and production with other partners.

Health, Veterinary, Cosmetics

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