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Main activities of NanoTrade :

Development of new materials, technology and application processes.
Testing procedures.
Managing certifications at certification institutions.
Covering new nanomaterials, their analysis, definition and preparation of projects, production programme definition, marketing.
Advising, consultation and marketing in the area of nanotechnology.
Popularization and propagation of nanotechnology.

R&D Projects :

Grant on nanopowdered Fe2O3 production :

  • Collaboration with Palacký University Olomouc - project successfuly finished
  • Collaboration continues on the development of preparation for enhancing contrast by MRI of digestive tract.

OPPP "Permanent Prosperity" Grant Program :

  • Research and development of coating compositions using nanoparticles - co-grantee canceled cooperation.

OPPI "Inovations" Grant Program :

  • Antibacterial bottles of PP and PC with nanoparticles of silver - sale of licence.
  • Flameless Food Heater - implementation phase and sale of licence 
  • Additive for fuel (Diesel, Heating Oils, Biomass, Coal) - praparation phase of new R&D Project 

 MPO - TIP Program :

  • R&D of Medical Devices on Nanomaterials - in collaboration with UPOL, Faculty of Medicine   

Program OPPI "Potenciál" Grant Program :

  • R&D Dentist Centre - project in process 

EU 7.RP Projects :

  • NanoFATE FP7-NMP-ENV-2009 - Nanoparticle Fate Assesment and Toxicity in the Environment
  • NanoCom FP7-NMP4-SA-2010-247967 - Lowering Barriers for Nanotechnology Commercialisation via Open Innovation 

Collaboration in next National and European projects


Specific Projects :

We would like to introduce you our new project called 'Energy', which is dealing with various kinds of products for energy savings. At this moment&nb ...
Why silver? Silver is a safe and effective antibiotic. Silver ions effect metabolism of cell system of bacteria, inhibit breath and basal metaboli ...
Surface Protecting Products
Nanotechnology based surface protective agents provide many additional characteristics to treated surfaces. Some of these characteristics cannot be ...
Nanoparticles of FeO, Fe2O3, Fe3O4
Nanoparticles of FeO, Fe2O3, Fe3O4 bring qualitative step into many branches for their electrical, magnetic and optical properties, which are diff ...
Indoor Ski Simulator Indoor Ski Simulator
Indoor SKI a SNOWBOARD trenažér je špičková technologie v lyžování a snowboardu. Indoor sjezdovka je na ...
Financial grant for R&D at NanoTrade Financial grant for R&D at NanoTrade
Kraj podpoří 51 inovačních voucherů

Olomoucký kraj a Regionální rada regionu soudržnosti Střední Morava finančně podpoří v rámci projektu „Inovačn ...


Energetické fórum 16.4.2014, Hradec Králové Energetické fórum 16.4.2014, Hradec Králové
Přijměte naše pozvání na přednášku Využití nanotechnologií pro snížení emisí a zvýšení účinnosti při spalování.

Ta se bude konat 16. dubna 2014 na ...


Project NanoFATE 7-th. FP is comleted Project NanoFATE 7-th. FP is comleted
We are proud to announce that project NanoFATE is successfully completed in the end of March 2014. A consortium of European scientific institutions, u ...


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