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Welcome to the new website of the company NanoTrade Ltd. based in Olomouc in 2004 and one of the oldest Czech companies in the field of nanotechnology.
We cooperate closely with research institutes and universities in the Czech Republic, both in Europe and overseas. We realising our own applied research in the development of new materials, technologies, processes and final products at all levels on many fields of use. Our main objective is not only theoretical, but mainly practical implementation or final products.

We are a proud Czech manufacturer of products with the mark CZECH MADE and we also create and support a job to other Czech partners and employees.

We have our own skilled team in the development, production, marketing and trade, which is in many projects, completed by external experts from research or practice. Nanotechnology is already our passion for thirteen years, and we stand behind a wide range of custom, commercial or grant projects and realizations. From the packaging materials, functional textile clothing line, products for surface protection, liquid and solid fuel additives, to wound healing materials or special technologies. Since 2015 we are also a supplier of motion and ski simulators.

We are members and co-founders of the several professional organizations and associations, such as the ANP CR (Nano Association of Czech Republic), CSAF (Czech Society for Applied Photocatalysis), C.N.C. (Czech Nanotechnology Cluster). We are also an active member of AVDZP (Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Equipment).

We try to always be on the cutting edge of technological fields and cooperate with a number of manufacturing companies, for which we are dealing with new technologies and applications. If you like to collaborative, and you see the possibilities of using nanotechnologies even in your everyday life, simply contact us. Our strategy is long-term and fair partnership, fulfilling opportunities for both sides.

The second nanosilver THERMO DAY is over

The second nanosilver thermal day was perfect as the first one!

The first-aid kit for your pet

Our new veterinary e shop is running.

Antibacterial properties of materials in space

Experiment to investigate antibacterial properties of materials in space.

Antibacterial properties of materials in space
Polymeric nanofibers with silver nanoparticles are promising materials for biomedical applications

Silver nanoparticles are known for their antibacterial properties, which is an effort to use these nanoparticles in medical applications. Nanoparticles are generally combined with various other materials to occur, the strongest synergistic effect and the resulting material fulfills several functions at once.