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Welcome to the website of our company.

NanoTrade, Ltd. Was established in Olomouc in the year 2004. The company's mission is to commercialize innovative materials, products and processes based on nanotechnology, which are the result of research and technology and development of laboratories in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Company's activity

  • Collaboration with R&D institutions in the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Germany and Great Britain.
  • Testing, development of new materials, technologies and application processes in all levels.
  • Providing tests of cetification in collaboration with certification authories.
  • Production of new nanomaterials, analysis, definition and projects preparation, definition of production program, marketing.
  • Consulting services.
  • Trading activity in nanotechnology products.


Nanotechnology is predicted to be widely applicated in industrial process in next years. Today nanotechnology is already used to improve current materials and products, such as computer hard drives, sun lotions, car tires...

Wide application of nanotechnology is going to lead up to the creation of unprecedent products, which production seems to be impossible today.