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Silver nanoparticles are known for their antibacterial properties, which is an effort to use these nanoparticles in medical applications. Nanoparticles are generally combined with various other materials to occur, the strongest synergistic effect and the resulting material fulfills several functions at once.


In recent years, an effort undertaken by a combination of polymer nanofibers with antibacterial nanoparticles. These deal Turkish scientists from the Institute of Material Science and Nanotechnology in Ankara. These scientists have focused on electrostatically spinning PVA nanofibers, which modified silver nanoparticles the size of 2 nm. The scientists were able to design and implement a simple procedure for the preparation of nanofibres, which contain only one step and only include mixing PVA with a cyclodextrin, AgNO3 and NaOH, and subsequent electrostatic spinning. The nanofibres produced was characterized, inter alia (SEM, TEM) as well as for their antibacterial effects, on the colonies of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.


a) SEM image of nanofibres of PVA with nanoparticles of Ag.

b) TEM image of nanofibres PVA nanoparticles of Ag, where Ag nanoparticles are visible.


In antibacterial tests, was compared to growth of said bacteria in the agar medium with created nanofibres PVA / Ag at the beginning of testing and after 24 hours.


Antibacterial tests clearly demonstrated that the nanofibres produced PVA / Ag kill the bacteria that have been demonstrated antibacterial properties.


Scientists predict that the nanofibers could be woven into a single substance of which could produce effective antibacterial gauze. These gauzes would find their use mainly in the post operation period and the subsequent treatment of patients.