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We tested nanosilver termo underwear in the Austrian Ski Zillertal area.

During one whole week in March, we were testing functional nanosilver winter clothing and materials for all year skiing

Beside products, such as nanosilver thermo balaclava and nanosilver thermo t-shirts, which has been tested by Nanosilver Test Team, we also received a special new thermo underwear and  "prototype of new thermo knee socks".

testovani nanosilver 2018 01

testovani nanosilver 2018 2

Frequent weather and temperature changes perfectly tested features of all the functional products. For the whole SKI365 Test Team, we have to say, that nanosilver products proudly holded to its promised features for the whole time. It provided us with the thermal comfort. Quick drying technology, thanks to use of the special materials and silver molecules in yarn, allowed us to wear the products for the whole week, yet without unpleasant odor.

nanosilver tunel ochrana hlavy


Other suggestions from our testing, which might help to improve new collection for the Winter 2019, were handed to the nanosilver producer.