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The second nanosilver thermal day was perfect as the first one!

The second year of nanosilver thermal day took place at Ski area in Bílá from 28/1 to 29/1/2017.

We presented to skiers our functional clothes, its advantages and functionality.

Visitors could have found out using thermal camera where the heat was escaping from their body and if they had chosen the correct clothes. We explained why their clothes didn´t protect them correctly. We measured a lot of people and because of that we need more time to process the results. If you can´t stand it, you can visit our websites or face-book.

Perfect variegation of this weekend was SKI lending called SPORTEN to visitors who could look at or buy thermal clothes brand called nanosilver.

Our nanosilver team also organized the competition and visitors were excited to guess the exact weight of a few pieces of our clothes. Competitors had to tip exact grams.  

Everyone who tried was very surprised that our thermal clothes were really light however nobody guessed correctly. We would like to thank everybody for their attendance and we are looking forward to another session with you, friends. We will be really happy if you visit us in our shops in Frýdek-Místek or in Olomouc or watch us on face-book.