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The MEDICAL exhibition, in Slovenian Gornje Radgone in this April, started our foreign activities in Slovenia.


A new technology of the Clean Rooms is moving a new trend of our offer for this market, where we are “pioneers” in new technology. Afterwards the Czech Embassy, we realised our first commercial application in Slovenia, in the Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana. The Clean Room technology was used in the Swimming pool & Wellness centre. And technology of Hypoallergenic room was applicated in that hotel too. This hotel is a mystic place which was decorated with paintings by A. Mucha before.    

The Grand Hotel Union is the first hotel in Slovenia which offers services for quests who have allergic or asthmatic problems now.    


Hypoallergenic room in Grand Hotel Union


The Clean Room and a self-cleaning protection of the swimming pool in the 8th floor


Treated steam-bath in the wellness centre