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2015, JAN 24-th.: The fourth meeting of motorbike riders in the Czech Republic, Petrkovice was held in this day. All of them met a man who fulfilled the dream of his father: To visit and see the Lake Baikal. Helmut Šafarčík on this 47 days road drove a motorbike in functional clothing with the brand nanosilver and he said: "This underwear did a very good service to me in the whole time." During the discussions of his adventurous journey he also noticed:

"I strictly recommend the FUNCTIONAL UNDERWEAR AND PRODUCTS of nanosilver. Went in this LINE through Slovakia - Russia - Kazakhstan - Mongolia to the Lake Baikal and BACK, almost 20.000 km !!!

I wore Thermo-shirt nanosilver HIMALAYA and nanosilver DAKAR with short sleeves - - These T-shirts were used daily, including underwear - cooling undershirt DAKAR and boxers nanosilver. I could confirm only one result: Complete satisfaction in heavy and dirty conditions, sweat and minimal washing possibilities. The 47 days NONSTOP ON THE ROAD THOUGH ASIA AND SIBERIAN TAIGA.

Now I wear nanosilver daily!

This is not any advertising phrase! THIS IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!"

HELMUT from Ludgerovice

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