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NanoTrade is at International thematic seminar Nano4inno in Prag with Partnering brokerage event. Nano4inno- a brief look back!N a n o 4 i n n o – Nanotechnology and New Materials for Business Innovation, the international thematic seminar organised by Technology Centre ASCR was held on September 27th 2010, Diplomat Hotel, Evropská 15, 160 00 Prague, in the Czech Republic. The partner of the event was Amires Sàrl, consulting company (Neuchâtel, Switzerland).Wider public perception of this seminar was very positive, as was evidenced by the more then 70 participants coming from both research and development and industry in the field of nanotechnology and new materials. Presence of more than 30% of entrepreneurs and industry representatives showed high innovation potential of selected topics. The international dimension of this event together with the great interest from inventive industrial players brought together top-level research groups with SME partners and helped to establish their long-term relationships thus facilitating their increased participation in EU FP7 research and development projects. As regards the interest in proposed topics, nanoparticles, nanostructures and membranes followed by electronics and photovoltaics and material sciences for health applications, remained the most preferred ones. Czech Republic participants as well as their host colleagues from other European countries (e.g. Austria, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Spain and Switzerland, United Kingdom) also gained benefits from the strategic matchmaking part based on pre-arranged 15-minutes face-to-face meetings which was held in the afternoon during the partnering brokerage event.The keynote talks were given by highly reputable scientists and highly skilled entrepreneurs introducing their latest research results in relation to proposed topics. Invited keynote speakers shared their experience with international research collaboration and gave the main features of their proposals. Even though this event was focused on starting up new EU FP7 projects, it was not the aim exclusively. Some of the talks were prepared in order to demonstrate the best practice examples of the bilateral industrial projects as those are important tools for companies that are part of the open innovation society.Last but not least, SME representatives successfully sought to extend their business networks or found potential research partners from all over the Europe through the stands and posters providing the latest news on their technology development at free exhibition area at the seminar place.