Why silver? Silver is a safe and effective antibiotic. Silver ions effect metabolism of cell system of bacteria, inhibit breath and basal metabolism on electron level and substrate transport in cell membrane. Antibiotic and fungicidal effect of nanosilver is given by its direct penetration into bacteria (reaction with –SH) and by creation of active oxygen. Moreover bacteria do not get resistance against those metals. You can find a short press report here...


Nanoparticles of silver displayed by transmission electron microscopy.

More details about Nanosilver® protective system

Antibacterial solution
Universal antibacterial and fungicidal agent. Basic concentration 2000 ppm (0,2 % of silver) can be diluted according to the application. It´s applicable for surface disinfection, spraying or soaking the material. Solution is based on water or alcohol, alternatively the glycerine basis can be used. The solution can be applied for production of whole series of modern disinfectants

Antibacterial gel

Antibacterial gel is a new type of disinfection agent for external use, which is easy to apply. It is special by that, it:
- delouses bacteria, rusts, yeasts, spores
- helps to sterilize bacteria in injured and burnt places
- moistens wound and by this way prevents from denudation of nervous fibres
- helps to cleaning of wound
- improves regeneration of tissue
- inhibits penetration of dust and bacteria to the wound.

Antibacterial granulate
Widely used as a feedstock in production of plastic (PS, PET, PE, PP, ABS, NYLON, PBT, PVC), next in the field of hygiene, dermatology and pharmacy, in production of white technique, toys, filters, coatings and in other branches.

Socks impregnated by silver nanoparticles

Sports and formal socks with antibacterial and deodorizing properties. Technical tests showed that silver nanoparticles destroy hundreds of pathogenic colonies e.g. Escheria coli, Methicillin resistant, Staphylococcus aureus, Chlamydia trachomatis, Providencia stuartii, Vibrio vulnificus and others.

Antibacterial underwear
For common and outdoor wearing. Specially suitable for activities in situations of complicated hygienic conditions, such as extreme sports, long car rides etc.

Is a modern solution based on TiO2 nanoparticles
, which embody the photo-catalytical effect. By this, they dissociate complex molecule (hydrocarbons, greasy dirt, odour) and thus keep the environment clean and without odour. For it´s usage the UV radiation is important. So it´s applicable in car interior, in households, in places with fluorescent tubes se zářivkami (such as sanitary objects)...

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Financial grant for R&D at NanoTrade Financial grant for R&D at NanoTrade
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